They are the main polishes which are the halfway stage of grinding and include: 1. Resin cleaners, 2. polish bits from 400 to 2000 and 3. Pre-polish.
Resin cleaners are produced from Polyester and used for cleaning mastics which are used for filling the holes in travertine stones. This type of grinder increases the operation speed and its quality while bring used for cleaning mastics and reduces the operation cost to do this which is produced in the shape of solid Frankfurt in two colors like black and green and it has numbers 1 and 2. Black is used at the beginning of the grinding device and after the early grinding and resin and green comes after black in the device.
Resin bits 400 to 2000 is used after resin cleaners in the case of polishing travertine and for the other stones in the polish stage and the penultimate polishes which are of polyester resin band and are NO. 400 to 2000.
Pre-polish bit is before the last polish stage and it is a kind of pre-polish which prepares the stone for the final polish so that it has the better polish.

Green the type of band type of abrasive/ form
1200-60 resin Frankfurt/Verona type
2000 resin Frankfurt/Verona type
detergent resin Frankfurt/Verona type