This type of grinding stone is specific and it is used for grinding types of granite stone and granite ceramic. It is composed of magnesite bands and usually used from 16 to 1500 which increases the quality of grinding. It enters the market in two shapes like iron and solid Frankfurt among which the most common is iron 14 cm.
The luxury type is of polyester resin band and it is used for improving with high quality and for granite stones.
Vega granite abrasive with the highest quality of magnesium oxide is produced for better quality, luster and stability. All products are available with number 1500-16.

the type of band type of abrasive/ form
1500-16 magnesite 140 mm
luxury resin 140 mm

Beveler and Corner products

the type of band type of abrasive/ form
1200-36 magnesite 100/130/150 mm
1200-60 resin 140100/130/150 mm
Luxury resin 100/130/150 mm