It is composed of magnesite band and used for grinding types of marble stones. It is offered in different shapes and patterns for types of stones. The plate type is used for grinder’s vertical devices and Frankfurt type which is used in a solid or hollow type from which solid type is used for polishing marble and china stones and hollow type is used for travertine stones or those which have soft texture.
Vega abrasives are used in many shapes and degrees to be used in types of marble, tile, granite and ceramic.
According to the stone hardness, the qualities of being luster and the type of device used for grinding stone and other grinding conditions, different abrasives must be used.
Our company with experienced technicians and according to the type of operation and the device used in choosing the usable type of abrasive is at the service of its customers.
The abrasives of Magnesite band resin band are formulated beyond the market expectations of more stability, quality and lifetime.
5 extra Vega in marble and acid tile and Vega luxury in granite and ceramic granite at the last grinding bring the export quality at the considerable economical cost.