The most common abrasive particles are aluminum oxide (natural or artificial) and silicon carbide and in some cases corundum is used.
Stone grinding bits are numbered based on the number of particles in terms of mesh number.
The order of numbering granite Stone grinding bits is as follows (the number is in terms of mesh number).
16-20-24-36-46-60-80-120-180-220-280-320-400-600-800-1000-1200 and finally luxury or Acid bit which is the last stage of polishing the stone surface.

Results iconic piece of soft rocks are used as follows:

  • Step 1. Use a piece of Number 36 or Number 46
  • Step 2: Use a piece of No. 80 or No. 100
  • Step 3: Use a piece of No. 220
  • Step 4. Use a piece of No. 400
  • step5.For Saab high quality of the food used 1200 numbers.

And finally the final stage polishing is soft acidic bite.