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Mermer,Karo,Granit ve Geranit Seramik Abrasivleri,Cilatashlari

Loghme San Makoo Business Company by having the agency of Turkish Vega Abrasive products and Italian Smart purification powder in Iran has the honor of being at the service of the stone business in our dear country.

This company since 2005 having the active agency in Tehran, Isfahan and Bazargan do the dear businessmen and partners the honor of release of goods, imports and exports, receipt of order, acquiring standard, foreign purchase, discount to exemption, bills of exchange, acquiring the exchange certificate from central Bank, the committee of setting tariff, free advice and all the customs services.

Loghme San Makoo Business Company is one of the pioneer and active agency in exporting blocks to the world countries and it is one of the biggest and the most successful suppliers and exporters of the natural stones in the form of block, slabs, tile, strip of marble, travertine, lime stone, marble, granite with the best modern cutting stone machinery, and it also has the stone store in Isfahan.